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Hardcore Tabloid Outrage

When copies of Hardcore: M97002,
"PJ Proby's duet with Madonna", reached the London newspapers, the proverbial excrement met the air-conditioning.

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London Evening News
The Star


LONDON EVENING NEWS, Front Page Lead, 22 Sept 1987:


POP QUEEN Madonna is at the centre of a child sex storm today after being linked to a shocking pornographic record.

The superstar's record company said Madonna's lawyers are considering a multi-million dollar lawsuit after the allegations.

The raunchy singer is said to have made the disgusting disc with faded star PJ Proby at a secret recording session in Britain.

It is littered with four-letter words, obscene lyrics and glorifies sex with young girls.

The company which produced the 15-minute song, Hardcore, claims THE Madonna was Proby's partner in porn.

A London aide of Madonna's said: "As far as we know, Madonna has never recorded this. PJ Proby is obviously trying to make money."

Publicity material promoting the record gushes that Madonna has always been a fan of the '60s star real name James Marcus Smith—and set up the duet.

Proby then suggested that the "King and Queen of Rock" should act out the roles of Elvis Presley and wife Priscilla to make the erotic record of a lifetime.

The studio was made to resemble Elvis's boudoir. complete with thick red drapes and a kingsize bed.

"When the mics were switched on, the magic chemistry between PJ Proby and Madonna was captured by Savoy for the public's edification," the company claims.

It begins, "There ain't no such thing as rape... when you're wearing a Superman cape."

And it later refers to oral sex, bestiality and contains a strange comment on Kojak actor, Telly Savalas's private parts.

The record shows Proby with a 10-year-old girl on the front and his former child bride Alison on the back. Madonna, listed as Second Vocal (Special Guest), is said to have spent two days in Manchester this summer, making this record with her idol PJ Proby.

DAILY MAIL, 23 Sept 1987:


ROCK queen Madonna is set to sue Sixties pop star PJ Proby over his claim that they made a pornographic record together.

Proby, largely remembered for his trouser-splitting routine, says they made the record, Hardcore, in Manchester during her recent British tour.

The disc is littered with four-letter lyrics and obscenities and Madonna is listed on the sleeve credits as special guest, second vocalist.

Madonna's connections in New York say she has never been in Manchester where Proby now lives. Her lawyers have demanded that a copy of the disc is flown to them. "This could cost the people responsible a lot of money," said a spokesman.

Despite the fact that the female voice on the record bears no resemblance to Madonna's, Proby yesterday insisted that they had teamed up, after her debut UK concert at Leeds on August 15.

THE STAR, 23 Sept 1987:


ANGRY pop queen Madonna is taking legal action over a porn disc which she is alleged to have recorded.

The singer is said to have cut a record with Sixties star PJ Proby which contains dirty lyrics, four-letter words and glorifies sex with young girls.

The sleeve of the record, called Hardcore, lists a supporting group which includes Madonna as a "special guest".

But in America last night Madonna snapped: "PJ Proby? I've never even heard of the guy."

Her publicity adviser Liz Rosenberg insisted: "She has never met Proby and has certainly never recorded with him.

"We don't know anything at all about this record apart from what it says on the label.

"Madonna has asked us to send it to her lawyers.

"It's just somebody else jumping on the Madonna bandwagon."

According to the sleeve, the record was "recorded live at the Royal Manchester Opera House, 1986."

But a spokesman for the Opera House insisted last night: "Neither Proby nor Madonna have appeared at the theatre."

DAILY RECORD, Billy Sloane, 11 Sept 1987:


THAT trouser-splitting (not so-golden) oldie, PJ Proby, insists that Madonna did...

Sing on a duet record with him, that is.

But Madonna's record company, WEA, insisted last night that it WASN'T her on an X-certificate single called Hardcore.

The disc, released by a Manchester-based company, is littered with four-letter words and graphic sexual descriptions.

"We don't think it's her," said WEA spokesman Barbara Charone. "She was nowhere near Manchester when she was in Britain for her recent concerts—people are always trying stunts like this."

But Savoy Records boss David Britton was adamant that it WAS the real Madonna.

He told me: "It's definitely her.


"Madonna has been a big PJ Proby fan for years, and she contacted us out of the blue, asking if she could get together with him in the studio.

"The single was recorded in Manchester while she was over here, and she liked the song because it was so raunchy.

"I suppose we'll get a bit of flak about the lyrics, and we don't expect radio stations to playlist it.

"But, to be honest, we're not playing up the Madonna angle too much, for all the obvious reasons."

Last night I played P J's record. His female companion sounds as much like Madonna as I sound like Mario Lanza.

Savoy have released 5000 copies of the disc, which has explicit lyrics about rape, child sex and homosexuality. They call it "the erotic record of a lifetime."

Proby hit the headlines on numerous occasions in the sixties when his skin-tight trousers split during his shows.

It became his trademark and he was banned from many concert venues.

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