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Jacket art for David Britton's recently published Lord Horror novel Baptised in the Blood of Millions. Art by John Coulthart, design by Britton/Coulthart.

Baptised in the Blood of Millions—front cover
Baptised in the Blood of Millions—back cover

Pages from Fuck Off And Die, due for publication in 2005.
Art by Kris Guidio with David Britton.

Cornucopia 1
Cornucopia 2
Cornucopia 3
Cornucopia 4
Cornucopia 5

The Lord engages in a spot of E R Burroughs-style buckle-swashing.
By John Coulthart.

Horror At The Earth's Core

Page from Horror In Oxford, forthcoming from Savoy.
Art by Kris Guidio with David Britton.

Horror In Oxford

  Dare-A-Day Davy
Exclusive to this site: unseen art by the brilliant Ken Reid. This episode of Dare-A-Day Davy was one of a number of strips Ken drew for the English children's comic Wham! during the 1960s. Each storyline was suggested by a reader; this one shows the attempted resurrection of Frankenstein's monster but was deemed "too gruesome" by the editors at Odham's. The art was rescued by Steve Moore and printed in David Britton's Weird Fantasy in 1969.

Page One
Page Two

  PJ & PP How much Proby ephemera can you have? Not enough, we think. Here's PJ on stage with the divine PP Arnold circa 1972 for their roles as Cassio and Bianca in Jack Good's Rock Othello Catch My Soul.

PJ and PP

  PJ & Lance More from Catch My Soul, this time PJ with co-star Lance LeGault.

PJ and Lance

  Bandana PJ again, mid-Eighties, during his renaissance via the Savoy singles.

Proby—Eighties model

  The Final Programme Michael Moorcock, actor Jon Finch (as Jerry Cornelius) and Space Ritual-era Hawkwind (l-r: Dik Mik, Robert Calvert, Nik Turner, Stacia, Simon King, Dave Brock, Del Dettmar, Lemmy) in a deleted scene from The Final Programme (1973), a film by Robert Fuest.

The Final Programme