Reverbstorm 6
Reverbstorm Appendix:
Reverbstorm 6

References in Reverbstorm 6

(Page numbers refer to pages of drawn artwork in the comic proper, not the opening pages of text and photographs).


The faces springing from Horror's jacket are from Picasso's Demoiselles D'Avignon.

P.2 Panel Three

One of the engravings from Picasso's Vollard Suite (1933) is overlaid with a song from Finnegans Wake, The Ballad Of Perse O'Reilly. In most of the subsequent panels in this sequence the engravings have been altered slightly to include a figure resembling James Joyce.

P.2 Panel Four

Horror is wearing a hat similar to that worn by Captain Beefheart in his Trout Mask period.

P.6 Panel Five

Figure from Picasso's Girl In Front Of A Mirror (1932).

P.7 Panel Two

Humpty Dumpty's hat follows the shape which denotes 'festivity' in Seurat's paintings (especially in Le Cirque (1890-91)).

P.8 Panel One

Figures in the sky from Picasso's The Charnel House.

P.9 Panel Two

Jessie's song is an old Tin Pan Alley standard Perfidia.


The figure beneath Jessie's arm is one of Burne Hogarth's original Tarzan drawings from the 1940's.


Horror's outfit in this sequence (baggy shorts, boots, cane and cornet) is borrowed from one of the characters of Frank Randle, the Lancastrian music hall comedian. Randle appears in person in Hard Core Horror #2. The 'Thanatonium' is intended as an unwholesome electronic instrument combining the Theremin with Oskar Sala's Trautonium.


Burne Hogarth, one of the dedicatees of Reverbstorm and a correspondent with Savoy for many years died while these pages were being drawn—a man with more talent, intelligence and artistry in his little finger than Jack Kirby exhibited in a whole lifetime. The tiny gravestone acknowledges this (we doubt he'd want to be laid to rest there, however!). The corner panels contain barely-altered borrowings from Jungle Tales Of Tarzan and Tarzan And The Ononoes. Reverbstorm would be immeasurably diminished without his influence and inspiration.

P.25 Panel One

The picture on the wall is another of the Vollard Suite engravings.

P.31 Panels One—Three

Various classics of imaginative fiction are placed beside works credited to Horace Joyce. Horror In The Sun was referred to in the Hard Core Horror series.


The drawing is a pastiche in the style of Irish illustrator Harry Clarke.

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