Reverbstorm 5
Reverbstorm Appendix:
Reverbstorm 5

References in Reverbstorm

(Page numbers refer to pages of drawn artwork in the comic proper, not the opening pages of text and photographs. All printed background words are from Finnegans Wake. Photo panels depict either diseases of the mouth or vaginal operations.)



Reworking of Picasso's Harlequin and Family With Ape (1905). The shape in the Soul depicted on this page is the Bull's Head sculpture of 1943.


Dialogue from Ulysses (p.39). Background images from Picasso's Guernica (1937).

P.2 Panel Seven

Quote from Eliot's The Hollow Men.


Dialogue from Ulysses (p.40).

P.3 Panel Two

Horse from Guernica with cut-up Scorpion-Horse from the previous issue.

P.4 Panel One

Blue Blaze Laudanum from #1.

P.4 Panel Two

The Hollow Men...

P.4 Panel Three

Dialogue with the hat from Ulysses (p.471) (a cap in Joyce's book, not a hat).

P.4 Panel Six

Picasso's Horse's Head (1937).


Continuing dialogue from P.471 of Ulysses.

P.5 Panel Five

The Hollow Men.


Continuing dialogue from P.471 of Ulysses.

Far Left & Right Panels:The Hollow Men.

P.9 Panel Two

The Hollow Men.


Lyrics from various Rock'n'Roll songs (Leiber and Stoller's You're The Boss, etc.).

P.11 Panel Two

The Hollow Men.

P.11 Panel Four

Cut-up panel reworked in issues #3 & #6.

P.12 Panels One-Four

Poem by Joyce intended to help publicise Finnegans Wake but never used.

P.12 Panel Seven

Skull from Picasso's Still Life With Steer's Skull (1942).

P.13 Panel Four

The Hollow Men...


The line at the top of the page from The Hollow Men. Picture—Picasso's Weeping Woman (1937). 'Animula' means 'little soul', a poem by Eliot from 1929.

P.15 Panel Two

Alligator Wine by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, a Leiber and Stoller song.

P.15 Panel Three

The Hollow Men. Drawings on the wall from Picasso's The Charnel House (1945).

P.15 Panels Four/Five

Beginning of dialogue section from Eliot'sThe Waste Land.

P.16 Panel One

Alligator Wine

P.16 Panel Two

The Waste Land

P.16 Panel Three

The Hollow Men...

P.16 Panel Four

The Waste Land.

P.16 Panel Five

The Waste Land. Detail from Picasso's Three Dancers (1925—same year as The Hollow Men ).

P.17 Panel One

Alligator Wine

P.17 Panel Two

The Waste Land

P.17 Panel Three


P.17 Panel Four

The Waste Land

P.17 Panel Five

The Waste Land, Alligator Wine and the second figure from Three Dancers.

P.18 Panel One

Alligator Wine.

P.18 Panel Two

The Waste Land.

P.18 Panel Three

The Hollow Men.

P.18 Panel Four

The Waste Land(Eliot quoting Shakespeare).

P.18 Panel Five

Alligator Wine and Three Dancers.

P.19 Panel One

Picasso's collage Guitar (1913) is extended sideways to include Joyce's face. In place of the newspapers in the original, pieces of Finnegans Wake are used.

P.19 Panel Two

The Hollow Men.

P.19 Panel Three

Alligator Wine.

P.20 Panel One

Alligator Wine.

P.20 Panel Two

The Hollow Men.

P.20 Panel Three

The Waste Land—T S Eliot connects reverberation with thunder.

P.21 Panel One

Alligator Wine.

P.21 Panel Two

The Hollow Men.

P.22 Panel One

Alligator Wine.

P.22 Panel Three

Chronicles XXLX, 15, one of Eliot's sources for the phrase 'Falls the Shadow'. The picture is Picasso's The Charnel House (1945) painted as a reaction to the death camps. The fury and movement of Guernica is replaced by a pile of corpses.

P.23 Panel One

Alligator Wine.

P.23 Panel Three

Line from Hardcore: M970021 by Savoy/PJ Proby.


The Three Dancers appear together and Alligator Wine ends. 'Between the acting... ' from Julius Caesar, another influence on Eliot in The Hollow Men. Joyce is speaking a line from Eliot's Sweeney Erect (1919). The character of Sweeney also appears in The Waste Land.

P.25 Panel One

Horror continues the Eliot line replacing Sweeney's name with his. In Hard Core Horror #1 (and Reverbstorm #6) we see that one of Horror's novels is called Horror in the Sun.

P.25 Panel Two

Line from Reverbstorm, the song.


Horror as Picasso's Harlequin (1915).

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